How to obtain thermal therapies on the National Health Service

To obtain thermal therapy cycles at Hotel Terme Venezia, you need a prescription from your general practitioner or a prescription from a qualified specialist in the National Health Service.

The prescription, on the appropriate document, must specify the therapy required and the number of sessions to be carried out, any exemption code for payment, and the disease (osteo-arthrosis, osteoporosis or extra-articular rheumatism for mud-bath therapy; bronchitis or pharyngitis for inhalation therapies), as shown in the figure below:


Ask your general practitioner for all the information required before beginning thermal therapies.

During the calendar year, only one cycle of 12 mud and/or bath therapies or 12 inhalations + 12 aerosol therapies is available on the National Health Service. The patient will pay the full price of any further cycles of treatment in the same year.

A medical examination at Hotel Terme Venezia is compulsory, before beginning a cycle of thermal therapy.
Our referring doctor is Dott. Sergio Tosi, a general practitioner and specialist in Internal Medicine. A charge will be made for any further medical examinations or consultations required during the therapy period. The hotel can provide cardiovascular examinations, electrocardiograms and laboratory tests on request.