The thermal water of Abano Terme

The therapeutic properties of the thermal water of Abano Terme are internationally renowned and acknowledged.
The Centro Studi Termali Pietro D’Abano, a benchmark for international research, monitors and carries out ongoing studies on the beneficial properties of the thermal water of Abano.

Rainwater begins its transformation into thermal water in the basins of Monti Lessini (in the Pre-Alps) and then flows underground through limestone. This type of water belongs to the category of deep thermal water (2,500 – 3,000 metres underground). During its maturation, which takes 25-30 years, the water, under pressure, is heated to 180°C and enriched with mineral salts and dissolved gases up to a fixed residue of 5-6 grammes per litre.
After running 80 kilometres, the water flows out at the Euganean Spas at a temperature of about 80°C. It is classified as hyper-thermal bromidic iodic salt water and it is unique in the world due to its properties.

The health benefits of mud

Mud, used in therapies, is the element that enhances the beneficial properties of thermal water.

Mud comprises two components: clay, the basic element (from Lake Costa in Arquà Petrarca) and thermal water.
The benefits of mud are largely associated with its high temperature (38° – 40°C) and the heat it releases. A positive influence also comes from its organic composition.
In fact, when mud is left to mature for about 6 months in natural light and at a specific temperature, it produces a blue-green bio-film on the surface comprising single-cell micro-organisms and bio-materials that have beneficial properties for our body.

This is how bio-thermal clay is formed. D.O.C. mud is protected by a strict protocol developed by the Centro Studi Termali Pietro D’Abano to ensure the production and preservation of this top-quality mud.

Hotel Terme Venezia is a certified hotel, included in the O.T.P. monitoring network of the University of Padua, and it respects the protocol.
We decided not to transfer the maturation process of the mud to steel silos but to keep the traditional method of maturation intact, in tanks exposed to natural sunlight with constant running water in order not to alter the natural process of the formation of endemic cyanobacteria that colonize the surface of the mud.
The mud of Hotel Terme Venezia of Abano, unique in the world, contains algae known as ETS05, which only reproduces in our maturation tanks.

Hotel Terme Venezia is affiliated with the National Health System for mud-bath therapies and/or inhalation therapies.

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