Therapeutic treatments:

One of the most popular treatments is mud-bath therapy, which comprises four basic stages:

  1. Spreading: the first stage when the mud is directly applied to the skin at a temperature between 39°C and 42°C. The pressure and the heat of the clay on the body involve cardiac activity, even if it is passive.
  2. Cleansing shower: about 15-20 minutes after the application of the mud, the guest is accompanied to a nearby shower and helped to completely remove all the clay.
  3. Thermal bath: immersion in a bath of thermal water (with or without ozone) at a temperature between 36°C and 38°C. The bath takes between 10 and 15 minutes and creates a relaxing and vasodilatory effect in the body. The aim of the immersion is to boost the soothing effect of the previously applied clay.
  4. Purification: at the end of the bath, the guest is helped to dry off, given a soft bathrobe to wear and then returns to his/her room or the relaxation area to rest. During this stage, the body perspires to eliminate toxins. The perspiration period lasts about 30 minutes.

At the end of the mud-bath therapy, a revulsive massage completes the daily treatment.

The application of mature mud, combined with thermal water baths, helps the body to release muscle tension and relax. It has analgesic and pain-relieving properties.

To obtain benefits from the application of mature mud, it is advisable to have cycles of 6-12 applications, on a daily basis. The thermal sessions begin at 5am, when the body is strong and rested, and end at 11am.

Respiratory diseases are treated, from 8.00 to 11:00am, with inhalation therapy using nebulized thermal water, endotubaric insufflation therapies, endonasal irrigation and aerosol therapy.
The sessions, lasting 10 minutes, help to treat chronic inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tract.
Inhalation therapy is also suitable for children.

Other therapeutic treatments at Hotel Terme Venezia:

  •  Foot Reflexology (25 min. – €35): an age-old holistic therapy that involves finger pressure on specific areas of the bottom of the foot in order to restore balance to the functions of the organs of the body and improve blood circulation;
  • Lymphatic drainage massage (25 min. – €35; 55 min. – €60): a massage that involves all the lymphatic vessels and aims to loosen any nodes, allowing the body to purify and eliminate excess waste.
  •  Sport massage (25 min. – €32; €55 min – €60): a special massage to optimize sports performance by reducing arterial pressure and the heart rate, encouraging muscular relaxation.
  • Anti-stress massage (25 min. – €35; 55 min. – €60): a delicate massage but one that gently acts on the deeper layers of tissue, relaxing the myofascial areas, with special attention to the lumbar and cervical muscles.

Rehabilitation treatments:

The most popular rehabilitation treatment is hydrokinesitherapy in thermal water (25 min. – €39; 50 min. – €65), which exploits the properties of water to reduce pressure and weight on the body.

Hydrokinesitherapy takes place in the thermal pool and involves rehabilitation exercises for the joints and muscles.

Water makes the weight of the body lighter, whereas thermal heat facilitates the recovery of mobility by distending and relaxing the body, allowing rapid recovery of motor functions.

Hydrokinesitherapy in thermal water is particularly suitable for muscular recovery following surgery, on overburdened joints or for the elderly who have difficulty in moving on their feet, for a gentle and gradual recovery of natural movements.

Additional rehabilitation treatments at Hotel Terme Venezia:

  • Motor re-education – Kinesitherapy (25 min. – €39): motor rehabilitation of the muscles and joints by doing exercises with the assistance of expert physiotherapists.
  • Cranial-sacral therapy (25 min. – €39): an osteopathic technique that involves the cerebrospinal fluid that forms in the skull and descends along the spine. The therapy rebalances body energy by stimulating the orthosympathetic and parasympathetic system, improving rest, the posture and the entire gastro-intestinal tract and respiratory system.
  •  Analgesic instrumental physiotherapy (25 min. – €35; 55 min. – €65): Iontophoresis (the introduction of drugs into the skin through a direct current), electrical stimulation (muscle contractions induced by electric pulses), TENS (beneficial stimulation produced by variable currents).
  • Swimming lessons (1 hour €25).

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