Enjoy your holiday safely

Our commitment for a safe stay here with us

Dear guests of Hotel Venezia,

Your health and wellbeing are our top priority.

We want to make your stay with us safe and comfortable, in line with our high standards of quality, and for this reason we are taking every possible measure to give you the peace of mind to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Safe, sanitised guest rooms

Thorough cleaning and daily sanitisation

Our rooms are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.

Coming complete with every imaginable comfort, our rooms offer the peace of mind of a safe holiday. 

To allow you to savour a tranquil stay, reducing the risk of infection to an absolute minimum, we have increased the frequency of sanitisation and we have enhanced the type of cleansing applied to all the surfaces, and especially the most at-risk furnishings.

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Sanitisation of the rooms

On a daily basis, after cleaning the room, we carry out a sanitisation of the spaces and surfaces using specific medical-grade equipment.

New sanitisation protocol

Infection can occur through contaminated surfaces.

To reduce the risk of infection as far as possible, we have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitisation operations.

Venice app

The traditional map has been replaced by our Venice App, and those objects that are touched most often – such as the remote control, handles and fabrics – are disinfected every day using professional equipment.

Certified cleaning products

All of our cleaning products are fully certified.

Venice App

The portal that makes your stay easier

An app designed to enhance your holiday.

Wherever you are, throughout the day, you can manage your hotel experience directly via your smartphone.

You can browse Terme Venezia’s culinary delights, discover all of the options to ensure you can relax like never before in our spa, and organise your stay by checking how busy our facilities are at any given time.

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Live Chat

Faster than a phone call

Request information at any time.

An agent is always on hand, before, during and after your stay, to ensure clear communication with you.

Safe interactions between staff and guests

Measures to reduce the risk of infection

We have limited visitor flows to no more than 70% occupancy. We can thus ensure that all guests enjoy a superlative stay with social distancing being respected at all times.

Hand sanitiser 

Protect your health and that of others

Hand-sanitiser dispensers are located throughout the communal areas and are available for your use at any time during the day.

Thermal swimming pools and Spa

Our thermal swimming pools are safe

To enable you to enjoy a tranquil, carefree swim, numbers allowed to enter the Spa Venezia at any one time are limited, thus ensuring that you get to savour an unforgettable moment of stress-free wellbeing.

Either by using the Venezia App or by calling our therapists, you can organise your revitalising day to suit you.

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Health treatments, spa and wellness

Care and respect for our guests

Before we welcome our guests, all of the spaces within the spa are given a deep clean and sanitisation.

To ensure your total safety, every booth is sanitised in accordance with our thorough cleaning process.

Doctors, therapists and all other staff members wear safety clothing for the entire duration of the treatment.

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Professional sanitisation

The cleaning and sanitisation procedures in the communal areas have been intensified.

New safety procedures

The staff members providing services wear certified masks at all times.


The internal spaces have been re-organised to allow for social distancing. In addition, the staff members have received in-depth training on the new health and safety procedures, which are rigorously respected.

Restaurant and cooking

Fewer tables, more space

To ensure appropriate social distancing, we have limited the use of tables and reorganised the seating arrangements.

In addition, to allow you to relax in complete safety, you can browse the menu from your smartphone via our Venice App.

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Table service

With a view to ensuring maximum safety, guests are provided with table service by the waiting staff.

Safe distancing

The layout of the tables has been reviewed to ensure appropriate social distancing.

Venice App

You can access the daily menu directly via QR code or from the website via your smartphone.

Our medical team

A trustworthy group of professionals ready to care for you

Co-ordinated by Dr Sergio Tosi, we have an impeccable hygiene and health procedure that complies with the strictest safety requirements.

We can also guarantee constant on-site medical support, meaning that guests can count on trustworthy assistance to deal with any needs that may emerge.

New work procedures

A safe welcome to the hotel

We are committed to safeguarding the health of guests and staff alike.

Accordingly, all of the employees of Hotel Terme Venezia have been fully trained on the new health and safety procedures drafted by our occupational physicians.

Covering everything from coming into work to welcoming guests and suppliers, every member of staff at Hotel Venezia has a handbook setting out exactly how to deal with all manner of situations in the best way possible, with a view to reducing the risk of infection to a minimum.