Live your vacation safely

Our commitment to a safe stay

Dear guests of Hotel Venezia,

Your health and well-being are a priority for us.

We want to make your stay safe and comfortable in line with our quality standards, so we have taken all possible measures to ensure that you are assured of a peaceful and protected vacation.

Sanitized and secure rooms

Impeccable cleanliness and daily sanitization

Room cleaning and disinfection is carried out daily.

Complete with every comfort, our rooms offer all the convenience of a safe vacation.

To enable you to enjoy your stay in peace, we have intensified the frequency of sanitizing and the type of cleaning of all surfaces and particularly delicate objects.

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Room sanitation

After cleaning the room we carry out daily room and surface sanitization with special medical devices.

Venice app

Paper has been replaced with our Venice App, and objects with high frequency of contact, such as remote controls, doorknobs, and textiles, are disinfected daily through a professional device.

Certified cleaning products

All of our cleaning products are certified.

Venice App

The portal that makes your stay easier

An app designed to enhance your stay.

Anywhere and anytime of the day you can manage your hotel experience directly from your smartphone.

You can view the culinary offerings of Terme Venezia, discover all the proposals for your wellness and relaxation in our SPA and better organize your stay by checking the crowdedness of our premises.

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Live Chat

Faster than a phone call

Ask for information at any time.

An operator is always available to our Guests before, during and after their stay to ensure clear communication, as we like it.

Safe interactions between staff and guests

Measures for everyone’s safety

We limited the turnout by not exceeding 70% occupancy. We can guarantee all our Guests the superlative quality of stay in full respect of physical distance.

Hand sanitizer

Protect your health and the health of others

Devices, such as hand sanitizer dispensers, are placed in all common areas available to our Guests at all times of the day.

Thermal Pools & Spas

Our thermal pools are safe

With its thermal pools, spacious relaxation areas, whirlpool stations and salt room, Hotel Terme Venezia offers the perfect setting to leave stress behind and indulge in carefree moments. All in the utmost safety thanks to a strict daily cleaning and sanitization protocol.

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Health treatments, spa

Care and respect for our customers

Before welcoming our clients, all SPA environments are thoroughly sanitized.

To ensure your total safety, each cabin is sanitized according to our precise cleaning protocol.

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Professional sanitation

Cleaning and sanitation procedures in common areas have been intensified.

New security protocols

Staff members provide their services only with certified masks.


Interior spaces have been reorganized to allow social distancing. In addition, staff members have received thorough training on new health and safety protocols, which are strictly adhered to, are disinfected daily through a professional device.

Catering and cooking

Fewer tables, more space

To ensure proper individual spacing, we limited the use of tables and rearranged seating arrangements.

In addition, to offer you the most relaxation in complete safety, you can browse the menu directly from your smartphone by accessing our Venice App.

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Table service

In order to ensure maximum safety, customers are served at tables by wait staff.

Safety distances

The table layout was revised to ensure proper spacing.

Venice App

Customers can access the menu of the day directly via code-QR or from the website via smartphone.

Our medical team

A trusted point of reference

Thanks to the advice of our doctor, Dr. Sergio Tosi, we have an impeccable sanitation protocol in compliance with the strictest safety requirements.

We also guarantee a constant medical presence within the hotel. A trusted point of reference for any need.

New work protocols

Safe reception at the hotel

We protect the health of our guests and our Staff.

For this reason, all employees of Hotel Terme Venezia have received thorough training on the new health and safety protocols, prepared by our occupational physicians.

From entering the company to welcoming guests and suppliers, every Venice employee has a vademecum of actions to ensure maximum safety.