Our Thermal Pools

An oasis of pleasure and pure relaxation

Be soothed by our Thermal Waters in one of the most beautiful locations in Abano Terme.

With its thermal pools, spacious relaxation areas, whirlpool stations and salt room, Hotel Terme Venezia offers the perfect setting to leave stress behind and indulge in carefree moments.

A corner of paradise to live a unique and unforgettable experience of peace and serenity, immersed in the precious Thermal Waters with beneficial and relaxing power.

A very big Room, woderful Spa with inside-outside pool, 1-2 degree in december, perfect to stay in a HOT outside pool.


NEW 2024

Discover the Acqua Float® 2024 Ritual at Hotel Venezia, a revolutionary wellness experience! A new way to relax, improve your sleep and reduce stress, all wrapped in an embrace of water that nourishes your body and spirit.

Thermal Emotions

All Thermal Pools are Open daily until 11 p.m.

Riva bathtub

Indoor Thermal Pool with Chromotherapy

Anenchanting Thermal Water pool with unique and irresistible charm to spend a few days of relaxation and tranquility.

The indoor “Riva” pool, communicating with the outdoor pool, has 18 whirlpool stations, numerous circuits with Whirlpool loungers and color therapy lights. A picturesque atmosphere in which to spend hours relaxing and surrendering to the rejuvenating peace of its crystal clear waters.

34.5° – 36.5° C.
1.45 – 1.80 m

Laguna bathtub

Outdoor Thermal Pool

The outdoor pool, is a true oasis of relaxation.

Surrounded by the greenery of our beautiful garden, it offers a year-round experience of pure pleasure, turning your stay into a true wellness ritual.

A surprising range of opportunities to rejuvenate body and mind by experiencing the benefits of neck fountains, whirlpool areas and water features, and to relax outdoors in the shade of exotic palm trees.

35.5° – 37.5°° C.
1.45 – 1.65 m

Rio Novo bathtub

News summer 2024

The new Rio Novo Outdoor Pool, invokes the elements of nature for a one-of-a-kind experience. Earth, Water, Air and Fire are in close connection to immerse our Guests in an enchanting scenery of changing notes and brilliant colors.

27.5° – 29.5° C.
1.45 – 1.65 m


Thermal Wellness treatments at Hotel Terme Venezia are true wellness rituals specifically designed to stretch and relax the body and mind.

Rediscover well-being

Poolside bistro

Delicious dishes and authentic flavors

Be tempted by our “Venice Lido” Bistro corner.

Located near the pools, it is the ideal place to enjoy in your bathrobe, healthy lunches or tasty snacks by choosing from a wide variety of offerings.

There will be no shortage of warm drinks or cool cocktails, all to be enjoyed in total relaxation.

For your downtime


A day at the spa in Abano

Treat yourself to a day of complete relaxation and let yourself be carried away by the soothing rhythms of Hotel Terme Venezia in the heart of Abano Terme.

The right opportunity to recharge your energy and get rid of accumulated stress or simply for a romantic surprise.

Fitness Appointments

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Every afternoon free water aerobics classes.

Our valued staff members will teach you useful and simple exercises and provide helpful tips that you can put into practice right away, even on your own.

Awaken your body


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Inside you will find our menus, all the proposals and price lists for your wellness and relaxation in our SPA, and you can see the crowding of all our rooms.

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