Wellness and Beauty

Thermal wellness treatments in Abano Terme

The Thermal Wellness treatments on offer at Hotel Terme Venezia are “wellbeing rituals” that have been specifically designed to allow you to relax both body and mind.

Available every day from 8am to 5pm at our Spa Reception.


Loving yourself starts with a healthy lifestyle

Enjoy the best of Detox Thermal Spa in a program that combines the benefits of thermal treatments, massages, manual therapies, stimulating and modulating the reparative and regenerative processes of cells, promoting toxin elimination, and improving overall balance.

A specialized nutritionist will be available to guide you through the most suitable path for your needs and expectations.

Detox Thermal Spa

The offer includes:

  • Initial medical consultation with the nutritionist
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Wellness and therapeutic advice
  • Final medical consultation

€ 160


Facial and body treatments

Want to take care of and enhance your skin, tone your body and roll back the years that can be discerned in your face? Hotel Terme Venezia will cater to all of your requirements, with facial and body treatments designed and customised to make sure you enjoy an enjoyable, stress-free vacation.

Body treatments

Toning, anti-cellulite massage with cream and ampoule

25 min – € 35.00
50 min – € 65.00

Firm up your skin tissue and stimulate your metabolic tissue activity.

Cold body wrap for tired legs

25 min – € 35.00

Inferior limb cold compressive bandaging performed using a cold gel, the effectiveness of which is demonstrated on the circulatory system.

Himalayan salt scrub

40 min – € 40.00

Deep skin cleansing with the use of salt crystals during the treatment.

Hammam Ritual

60 min – € 95.00

Treatment performed with Moroccan black soap, preceded by a steam bath to prepare the skin for exfoliation.

Drenal Active

50 min – € 75.00

Leg lymphatic drainage with cold bandaging to aid in drainage and reduce swelling.

PAC-Abdomen treatment

50 min – € 55.00

Treatment Localized abdomen treatment followed by a massage.

Anti-Cellulite Biothermal Mud Ritual

80 min – € 80.00

A purifying scrub and firming massage will prepare your body for our thermal mud enriched with firming and draining serums.

Anti-Cellulite Combo

50 min – € 70.00

Firming massage with specific serum-infused mud application

Facial treatments

Facial cleansing

50 min – €55.00

An essential treatment for all types of skin: steam, peeling, massage and mask, with specific products for each skin type.

Custom male facial cleansing

50 min – €55.00

Thermal spa facial

25 min – €35.00

Customised mask, accompanied by a facial massage with cream made using thermal water.

Custom facial treatment

50 min – €70.00

A treatment tailored to the specific needs of the skin

Eye and lip treatment

40 min – €35.00

Special anti-ageing treatment for tired, puffy eyes. Best used in combination with a specific facial treatment.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

25 min – €35.00

A specific massage that facilitates the reduction of dark circles and puffiness.

Beauty Service

Manicure with normal nail polish
25 min – €25.00

Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish
45 min – €35.00

Manicure with semi-permanent healing nail polish
45 min – €45.00

Anti-ageing beauty treatment
25 min – €25.00

Healing pedicure
50 min – €35.00

Anti-ageing beauty treatment for feet
25 min – €25.00

Hair removal

Complete hair removal
55 min – €45.00

Hair removal – leg
40 min – €30.00

Hair removal – half-leg
25 min – €20.00

Hair removal – bikini line
15 min – €15.00

Hair removal – underarm
15 min – €15.00

Hair removal – arm
25 min – €20.00

Fair removal – face
15 min – €10.00

Beauty packages


  • Pink-salt scrub
  • 50-minute relaxing massage
  • Facial cleansing
  • Eye / lip treatment

Wellness shake

  • Manicure
  • Facial cleansing
  • Custom facial treatment

Thermal water and mud

Thermal and physiotherapy packages

The specific composition of thermal mud is essential in delivering benefits in the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis. In addition, thermal mud has a certified myorelaxant, painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect.

Available every day from 8.00am to 5.00pm at our Spa Reception.

Thermal treatments

Medical consultation – €32.00

Thermal bath and aged mud session – €28.00

Thermal bath (without ozone) – €16.00

Ozone supplement – €6.00

Hands and feet mud session – €16.00

Aerosol/Inhalation/Nasal shower – €8.00

Mud Experience – €49.00

Medical consultation, application of mature D.O.C. mud, and an ozone thermal bath

Clay Pampering – € 78.00 per person

Application of biothermal clay and a couple’s ozone bath

Physiotherapy treatments

Hydrokinesis therapy in thermal water

25 min – €35.00 | 55 min – €60.00

Kinesiotherapy – rehabilitation of motor function

25 min – €35.00 | 55 min – €60.00

Cranio- sacral therapy

25 min – €35.00

An osteopathic technique that rebalances the body’s functionality.


Regain a sense of wellbeing in a Thermal spa

Put your trust in the professionalism of our passionate staff, who know how to pamper your body and take a load off your mind with their compresses, rejuvenating baths and expert massages that are the fruit of our years of experience.

Therapeutic treatments

Therapeutic massage

25 min – €30.00 | 55 min – €55.00

To complement the mud therapy session, the body undergoes of toning, revitalising massage.

Foot reflexology

25 min – €40.00

Reinstates the body’s natural equilibrium through the application of manual pressure to specific areas on the base of the foot, reducing stress and tension, and increasing blood flow.

Therapeutic treatments

Foot reflexology

25 min – €35.00

Reinstates the body’s natural equilibrium through the application of manual pressure to specific areas on the base of the foot, reducing stress and tension, and increasing blood flow.

Trigger Point

25 min – € 35.00 | 55 min €60.00

Massage with the capacity to relax tense, tight and painful points (and their surrounding areas) that are causing constant pain. Trigger points are to be treated with caution.

Lymphatic drainage body massage

55 min – €65.00

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic technique conceived by a Danish doctor, Emil Vodder. Effective against oedema, lymphatic stasis and swelling due to insufficient drainage.

Lymphatic drainage leg massage

25 min – €40.00

Ideal for toning up the lower limbs and for treating adiposis of the skin, which leads to cellulite.

Peristaltic pressotherapy

40 min – €35.00

Peristaltic pressotherapy is performed with sophisticated equipment, creating a ‘pressure wave’ to physiologically stimulate the peripheral circulation, eliminating edema.

Destressing sports massage

55 min – €65.00

This massage is used to treat muscular problems, reactivating the nerve centres and dissolving accumulated tension, thus giving you a sensation of lightness and wellbeing. This massage helps to resolve problems resulting from incorrect posture.

Wellness and body

Relaxing massage
25 min – €35.00 | 55 min – €60.00

Relaxing body massage
25 min – €80.00 | 55 min – €130.00

Four-Hand Massage
55 min – €75.00

A massage that involves the synchronized manual work of 2 therapists.

Oriental wellness

55 min – €75.00

Massage performed with warm oil and synergies to promote psychophysical well-being.

Ayurvedic peeling with steam bath
50 min – €55.00

30 min – €35.00

A technique performed with a constant flow of oil onto the head, promoting psychophysical well-being.

55 min – €75.00

Warm herbal and spice compresses relax the body and mind, releasing stress and muscle tension.

Hot stone
55 min – €75.00

Hot stones and oil relieve muscle stiffness, eliminating toxins and lactic acid.

55 min – €75.00

Sound vibrations placed above the chakras help unlock energies.

55 min – €70.00

Useful against anxiety and stress, it deeply rebalances the body and promotes overall harmony.

Thermal packages


  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Pinda sweda massage

Dolce vita
€ 313

  • 3 x 50-minute relaxing massages
  • Foot reflexology
  • Holistic massage
  • Facial cleansing

Wellness at the spa
€ 89

  • Thermal Spa Face 25 minutes Spa Viso da 25 minuti
  • Body lymphatic drainage 25 minutes
  • 50-minute relaxing massage

€ 105

  • Foot reflexology
  • Facial spa
  • 25-minute shea-butter candle massage

Ayurveda Ritual
€ 139

  • Ayurvedic Peeling with Steam Bath
  • Ayurveda massage – 50 min.
  • Foot reflexology – 25 min.