Wellness and Beauty

Wellness spa treatments in Abano Terme

Thermal treatments at Hotel Terme Venezia are true wellness rituals specifically designed to relax and unwind the body and mind.

We are available to you daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Spa Reception.

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Discover the Acqua Float® 2024 Ritual at Hotel Venezia, a revolutionary wellness experience! A new way to relax, improve your sleep and reduce stress, all wrapped in an embrace of water that nourishes your body and spirit.

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MADE facial and neck wrinkle treatment

€ 180 – For information please contact SPA Reception

MADE is a homeopathic drug that has a bio-revitalizing action on the face, useful for the treatment of wrinkles with a firming effect.

It promotes skin firmness and muscle tone thanks to its special formula that stimulates the body to autonomously produce collagen thus gradually going on to reduce wrinkles naturally.

A BIO-lift for the face and neck for smoother, tighter skin.

Homeo mesotherapy anti-inflammatory treatment

€ 150 – For information please contact SPA Reception

Homeo antalgic mesotherapy involves making micro-injections into the area of pain with very small needles (4-6 mm) releasing into the layer immediately under the skin, minute amounts of homeopathic medicine.

Three sessions within a week are recommended for maximum benefit in treatments of inflammatory and degenerative origin, such as:

  • cervicalgia
  • lumbago
  • arthrosis
  • tendinitis
  • De Quervain’s syndrome
  • gonarthrosis
  • carpal tunnel.

Detox Thermal Spa

Wanting to be healthy starts with a healthy lifestyle

Enjoy the best of Detox Thermal Spa in a journey that combines the benefits of spa treatments, massage, and manual therapies, stimulating and modulating the reparative and regenerative processes of cells, promoting theelimination of toxins and improving overall balance.

A trained nutritionist will be available to show you the path that best suits your needs and expectations.

Detox Thermal Spa

The offer includes.

  • Initial medical examination with nutritionist
  • Personalized diet
  • Wellness and therapeutic tips
  • Final medical consultation

€ 160


Facial and body aesthetics

Do you wish to heal and brighten your skin, firm your body and subtract a few years from your face? Hotel Terme Venezia will satisfy your every desire, with facial and body beauty treatments, designed and customized to give you a relaxing and fun vacation.

Body Treatments

Firming anti-cellulite massage with cream and ampoule

25 min – € 35
50 min – € 65

Promotes skin tissue tone and stimulates tissue metabolic activity.

Cold bandage tired legs

25 min – € 35

Bandage with cold compressive action on the lower limbs carried out through a cold gel whose effectiveness is manifested on the circulatory system.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

40 min – € 40

Deep skin cleansing thanks to the salt crystals used during the treatment

Hammam ritual

60 min – $95

Treatment carried out with black soap originating in Morocco, preceded by a steam bath that prepares the skin for exfoliation.

Drenal Active

50 min – € 75

Lymphatic drainage legs with cold bandage that helps drain and deflate

PAC-addome treatment

50 min – € 55

Localized abdominal treatment followed by massage.

BIO-thermal anti-cellulite mud ritual

80 min – € 80

A purifying scrub and firming massage will prepare your body for our thermal mud enriched with firming and draining serums.

Anti-cellulite combo

50 min – € 70

Firming massage with mud application with specific phial.

Facial Treatments

Facial cleaning

50 min – € 55

Fundamental treatment for all skin types: steam, peel, massage and mask with specific products for each dermis type.

Personalized facial cleaning for men

50 min – € 55

Thermal spa face

25 min – € 35

Customized mask, accompanied by facial massage and thermal water cream.

Personalized facial treatment

50 min – € 70

Treatment based on the specific needs of the skin.

Leprosy eye treatment

40 min – €35

Specific treatment for tired, puffy, anti-aging eyes. combination with a specific facial treatment is recommended.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

25 min – € 35

Specific massage that facilitates the elimination of dark circles and bulges

Beauty Services

Manicure with normal nail polish
25 min – € 25

Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish
45 min – €35

Manicure with healing semipermanent nail polish
45 min – € 45

Aesthetic anti-aging treatment
25 min – € 25

Healing pedicure
50 min – € 35

Aesthetic anti-aging foot treatment
25 min – € 25

Hair Removal

Complete hair removal
55 min – $45

Leg hair removal
40 min – € 30

Half leg hair removal
25 min – € 20

Groin hair removal
15 min – € 15

Armpit hair removal
15 min – € 15

Arm hair removal
25 min – € 20

Facial hair removal
15 min – € 10

Aesthetic packages

€ 189

  • Pink salt scrub
  • 50-minute relaxation massage
  • Facial cleaning
  • Eye/lip treatment

Wellness smoothie
€ 99

  • Manicure
  • Facial cleansing
  • Personalized facial treatment

Mud and thermal water

Spa and physiotherapy packages

The special composition of the thermal mud is essential to obtain benefits in the treatment of arthrotic and osteoarthritic diseases. It also has a certified muscle relaxant, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.

Available daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in our Spa Reception.

Hotel Terme Venezia is ASL-approved for inhalation therapies and thermal mud baths.

Spa Treatments

Medical examination – €32

D.O.C. bio-thermal mud and thermal bath – € 28

Thermal bath (without ozone) – € 16

Ozone supplement € 6

Mud on hands and feet – $16

Aerosol/Inhalation/Nasal Shower – $8

Fango experience – $49

Medical consultation, application of mature D.O.C. mud and thermal bath with ozone.

Clay pampering – €78 per person

Bio-thermal clay application and couple’s ozone bath.

Physiotherapy treatments

Hydrokinesis therapy in thermal water

25 min – € 35 | 55 min € 60

Kinesiotherapy – motor rehabilitation

25 min – € 35 | 55 min – € 60

Cranio sacral therapy

25 min – € 35

Osteopathic technique that can rebalance the body’s function.


Rediscovering Wellness in a Thermal Spa

Rely on the professionalism and passion of our attentive practitioners, who will pamper your body and ease your mind with wraps, rejuvenating baths and top-notch massage techniques from our tradition.

Therapeutic treatments

Therapeutic Massage

25 min – € 30 | 55 min – € 55

To complete the mud therapy session, an invigorating and revitalizing therapeutic massage is performed on the body.

Plantar reflexology

25 min – $40

It restores the body’s natural balance through acupressure of specific areas of the sole of the foot, reduces stress, tension and improves blood flow.

Trigger Point

25 min – € 35 | 55 min € 60

Massage with the ability to decontract the tense, dense, and painful areas that continuously create pain in one spot as well as in the surrounding areas. Trigger points are areas to be treated with caution.

Lymphatic drainage body massage

55 min – € 65

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic technique devised by Danish physician Emil Vodder. Effective against edema, lymph stasis, swelling given by insufficient drainage system.

Lymphatic drainage leg massage

25 min – $40

Ideal for improving lower limb tone and treating fatty skin conditions that cause cellulite.

Peristaltic Pressotherapy

40 min – €35

Peristaltic pressotherapy is performed with sophisticated equipment, creating a “pressure wave” by discharging the peripheral circulation in a physiological manner, eliminating edema.

Decontracting/sports massage

55 min – € 65

Massage is used for muscle problems, to reactivate nerve centers and release accumulated tension, giving a strong feeling of lightness and well-being. This type of massage is used to address issues related to poor posture.

Wellness and body

Relaxing massage
25 min – € 35 | 55min € 60

Relaxing couple’s massage
25 min – € 80 | 55 min – € 130

4-Hand massage

55 min – € 75

Massage involving the harmonized dexterity of 2 operators.

Eastern Wellness

55 min – € 75

Massage performed with warm oil and synergies act to promote mental and physical well-being.

Ayurvedic peeling with steam bath
50 min – € 55

30 min – €35

Technique performed through a constant flow of oil on the head giving mental and physical well-being.

55 min – € 75

Warm pads of herbs and spices relax the body and mind by releasing stress and muscle tension.

55 min – € 75

Warm stones and oil relieve muscle stiffness by removing toxins and lactic acid.

55 min – € 75

Sound vibrations placed over the chakras help unblock energies.

55 min – $70

Useful against anxiety and stress, it deeply balances the body and works on global harmony.

Spa packages

Oriental Ritual

  • Ayurveda Massage
  • Pindasweda Massage

Sweet life
€ 313

  • 3 relaxing 50-minute massages
  • Plantar reflexology
  • Holistic massage
  • Facial cleansing

Wellness at the Spa
€ 89

  • Thermal Spa Face 25 minutes
  • 25-minute facial lymphatic drainage
  • 50-minute relaxation massage

Pampering Ritual
€ 105

  • Plantar reflexology
  • Facial SPA
  • 25-minute shea butter candle massage

Ayurveda Ritual
€ 139

  • Ayurvedic peeling with steam bath
  • 50-minute Ayurveda massage
  • 25-minute plantar reflexology