How we will get you to relax at our SPA Venezia

You can rely on the professionalism and passion of our attentive staff, who know how to pamper your body and ease your mind with body wraps, regenerating baths and first-class massotherapy techniques, the outcome of our tradition.

Do you want to take care of your skin and let it shine, firm your body and take a few years off your face?

Hotel Terme Venezia will satisfy all your wishes, with face and body beauty treatments designed and tailored to give you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Our skilled staff will use all their experience in various massage techniques for distension and relaxation of the whole body.

Our pools will allow you to swim and enjoy the remineralizing benefits of thermal water thanks to hydromassage, many Whirpool circuits and chromo-therapy.

Our fitness room and our Private Park will let you keep fit and release tensions and stress through physical exercise.

An experience in our Thermal Steam Grotto (exclusive to Hotel Terme Venezia), created according to traditional Roman methods, is the ideal solution for eliminating toxins, purifying the body and restoring your psycho-physical balance.



Ayurveda 50 min €60.00 A relaxing massage with oils and essences to soothe, drain, tone and nourish the body.
Pindasweda 50 min €60.00 A treatment using hot packs (herbs and spices) patted on the body, with warming and cleansing properties.
Shiatsu 50 min €60.00 A manipulation technique performed with the hands for restoring the balance of energy, which has effects deep down and is beneficial for mental and muscle tension, especially in the lumbar and cervical area.
Tibetano 50 min €60.00 A series of oriental techniques, which thanks to the Tibetan bell, restore balance and harmonise any imbalances in energy points, guaranteeing renewed psycho-physical wellbeing, reducing stress and improving sleep.
Hot Stone Therapy 50 min €60.00 A technique that involves fire and heat, using lava stones to restore the chakra balance and eliminate negative vibrations in the body.
Water healing in the Thermal pool 25 min €32.00 With the beneficial effect of thermal water and pampered by the arms of our staff, deep relaxation can be achieved that eliminates physical tensions and allows physical and psychosomatic self-healing.
Children’s massage 12 min €20.00 A gentle relaxing massage for the very young.

Body beauty treatments:

Total body peeling 40 min €49.00 For tough skin that has been leached of minerals, localised build-ups and/or water retention. Benefits: natural exfoliant, firming, draining, oxygenation, reduction of the effects/appearance of cellulite.
Cocoa anti-ageing treatment 55 min €65.00 Body treatment using the evening effects of cocoa, a hydrating warm-chocolate compress and an enveloping cocoa butter massage.
Peristaltic pressure therapy 40 min €35.00 Peristaltic pressure therapy is administered using a sophisticated device that creates a genuine wave of pressure, leading to the physiological draining of the peripheral circulatory system and the elimination of oedemas. With anti-cellulite or draining wrap + € 20
Thalassotherapy draining treatment 55 min €70.00 A body-contouring treatment that works by encouraging the body to flush out toxins and excess liquid.
Thalassotherapy firming treatment 55 min €70.00 A firming, mineral restoration treatment created specially to counter the unsightly appearance of flabby skin and muscles.
Green coffee fat-burning treatment 60 min €70.00 Treatment that uses 100% pure micronised green coffee to stimulate the metabolism and melt away excess fats, helping to smooth out uneven skin, and reduce unsightly blemishes such as the “orange-peel effect”.
Oronympha White Sculpturing treatment for supple skin 75 min €65.00 An extraordinary compound that is particularly indicated for flabby, asphyxiated, or prematurely aged skin, the White Sculpturing treatment owes its effectiveness to a combination of precious active ingredients, which act on tissue metabolism and stimulate plumping with visible results in just a short time.
Oronympha abdomen treatment  50 min  €60.00 Firming, contouring treatment for the abdominal area. Counters and prevents the build-up of adipose deposits
Cream-and-serum firming massage 25 min

55 min



Massage to promote firmer cutaneous tissues
Anti-cellulite cream-and-serum massage 25 min

55 min



Massage that stimulates tissue metabolism.

Facial treatments:

Facial cleanse for all skin types 55 min €55.00 Complete facial treatment comprising peeling, steaming, face mask and massage, for glowing, smooth, soft skin.
SPA 55 min €55.00 Purifying thermal mud mask and short, relaxing massage.
Multi-vitamin ageing prevention treatment 55 min €55.00 Facial treatment with hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A and C1, which works on deep tissues to counter the principal causes of ageing.
Royal jelly treatment 55 min €66.00 Treatment using royal jelly and ginseng which, when combined, help boost metabolism and accelerate cell replenishment. Oxidising, firming and toning, it leaves the skin looking radiant and relaxed, with a healthy glow.
Elastine and sorghum treatment 55 min €75.00 A powerful combination of essential, active ingredients to leave facial skin looking toned and visibly younger. Effective in preventing premature sagging, it also contains all the elements you need for toned, younger-looking skin. Recommended for dull-looking, lifeless or sagging skin of all types.
Escutox intensive anti-ageing treatment 55 min €70.00 An intensive, anti-ageing treatment that offers a true, natural alternative to the topical application of Botox®. Ideal for older skin of all types. Using an unusual mechanism to deliver the active ingredients, it leaves the skin hydrated and toned, and wrinkles looking smoother and relaxed.
Intensive marine DNA and diacetyl boldine treatment 55 min €75.00 This extraordinary serum is applied direct from the phial, and helps tighten pores and brighten the complexion. It increases hydration and leaves the skin looking instantly more luminous with a more even surface and redefined pores. Recommended for dull, dry skin with dilated pores and an uneven texture.
Intensive collagen and caviar anti-ageing treatment 55 min €80.00 An anti-ageing treatment that, thanks to a combination of effective anti-ageing components, noticeably diminishes skin deterioration and the formation of wrinkles. Recommended for the treatment of wrinkles, dullness, frequent dryness and deep dehydration in all skin types.
Tensilift treatment 75 min €85.00 A treatment that encourages cell replenishment, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps slow skin ageing. Offering a pronounced lifting effect, it leaves skin feeling more toned and supple.
Skin fit for him  50 min  €70.00 Aesthetic treatment for men. Effective in reducing the appearance of laughter lines and the dehydration caused by frequent shaving..
Eye contouring ritual  30 min  €50.00 A treatment that counters the signs of ageing, smoothing and narrowing laugher lines. (Only € 25 when combined with another treatment)

Medical and aesthetic:

Specialised Medical Care  €70.00 the opportunity to talk with an Aesthetic Medicine specialist, hyaluronic acid fillers and biolifting.
Hyaluronic acid fillers  €350.00
Biolifting with hyaluronic acid  €250.00

Additional Wellness services available:

Depilation total body  €40.00
Full depilation legs and groin  €30.00
Depilation armpits and groin  €30.00
Manicure with nail polish Zoya €30.00
Professional pedicure with nail polish Zoya €30.00
Manicure with nail polish Zoya €30.00
Hairdressing Service Haircare including cutting, blow-drying and dyeing.

Short cycles of thermal mud and inhalations are available.